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What's in your bag?

Disney trips are a lot more fun and relaxing when they're thoughtfully planned in advance. Thoughtful planning includes what to pack in your bags!

In the Big Bags:

I typically start the big bags well in advance. A few weeks before we go I lay out the large suitcases and pack the things we won't need at home before the trip. This way when I think of something I want to pack in the weeks leading up the trip, I can just toss it in while it's on my mind. I also keep a packing list on my phone so I can add things when I'm out and about.

I recommend filling the large suitcases with all the basics for a trip to Orlando: light, comfortable clothes. It's hot there, most of the year. If you happen to be going in Dec-Feb you will need layers, but it may still be pretty warm in the middle of the day. Be sure you have bathing suits and sunscreen for everyone, and you may want hats as well. My girls used to bring princess dresses to wear in the parks, but we are past that phase and on to all things Star Wars and Descendants. If you are planning on going to the Bibbity Boppity Boutique or the Pirate's League be sure to bring your own magical costume - they are rather pricey in the parks. Be sure to check out the Disney gear at Target and Gap so your kids can sport a subtle nod to their fav characters each day. Gap is always running a promo, so wait til then to shop.

Sneakers. Wear sneakers. Everyday. I have seen women in heels walking around the parks and I cringe every time. You can average 7-8 miles of walking on a busy day at the parks. Pack flip flops for the pool, and maybe some comfy sandals that are a little dressier for dinners (something you can still walk around in!)

I also pack lots of packaged snacks for the week to have in the room and in the parks (and our fav chamomile tea for bedtime). Other than that you can use Garden Grocer to shop before you even leave home and schedule a grocery delivery, or use the new Prime Now app to order any grocery necessities delivered right to your resort in a few hours! It's amazing!!!

Don't forget your MagicBands! They are your room key, park ticket, and FastPass+ access - I always keep them with us in the carry-ons.

The Park Bag:

This image perfectly highlights the need to plan when packing! We use a stroller at the parks, and always pack ponchos - it will most likely rain at least once while you are in Orlando! This pic was taken right before the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at Hollywood Studios. We all stayed (mostly) dry and after the show we walked back to our hotel. Both kids were sound asleep and perfectly dry.

When we head into the parks we use a lightweight backpack (Herschel) for all essentials. We can throw the bag on our shoulders, or clip to the stroller with the Mommy Clip. In the bag is everything we may need for the day, and we can bring it on the rides with us without feeling overly burdened.

So what's in my bag?

  • Portable phone charger - you use your phone all day for photos and to use the MyDisney Experience app (uses your gps and kills battery life) you will want to charge on the go!

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Autograph books w/Sharpies (retractable) - these are easier for gloved characters. You can buy them before you go, cheaper than in the parks.

  • Kidcot Passport for Epcot (if going to Epcot)

  • Small towel to dry off after water rides, we grab one from hotel room

  • Snacks

  • Mickey/Minnie Ears: There are so many Etsy options, or you can get your kids personalized ears at the parks

  • Ponchos

  • Glow bracelets/necklaces (Go to the Dollar Store and stock up!) I give these out during nighttime entertainment so I don't have to buy the overpriced Disney ones

  • Ziplock bags - so many uses! Many time my kids don't finish a snack, but will want more later - save time and money and take it to go!

  • And if your kids are into it - stash some dress up outfits in the bottom of stroller so they can wear them for photos with characters

I'll leave you today with the Girl Scout motto: "Be prepared!"

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